Right now – business slow down or an ‘unprecedented’ opportunity?

If you’re feeling anything like us, it’s a very strange time to be in business. Being in the business of business support and HR, we have experienced a shift in our work during the COVID-19 crisis. Many large scale projects pressed paused almost overnight, opting to shorter reactive works to manage government restrictions, shut downs, business decline, working from home policies and more.

Now we find ourselves slowly emerging and businesses beginning to plan ‘return to work’ measures, many businesses are asking themselves what the new ‘normal’ will look like.

What better time to pause, reassess and plan for the future post COVID-19 than right now.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have a list of things to do ‘later’ – you know the one, with all of those ‘want to do, nice to do’ things you’ve put on a shelf for a less busy day?

Well, now is the time – and we’d like to help you kick start and re-energise you as we begin working to a return to business, with some great resources to revitalise your HR and business practices.

We have two simple questions to get you started:

1) When was the last time you reviewed your business plan?

  • Has COVID-19 or the passing of time meant your current business plan is outdated, or that new priorities have emerged? 
  • For a new business, a business plan helps improve your chance of securing financing and investment. Established businesses should review their business plan and update it regularly in order to provide direction for growth.

2) Are your Employment Contracts, Service Agreements, Policies and Processes up to date? 

  • This is a big one! An annual audit of your payroll, your current pay rates and conditions, is a critical must for all businesses. Each year, the Fair Work Commission releases the pay guides for each Award tool, setting the minimum pay rate for workers by industry and profession. Are you confident that your staff are still Award compliant? Or have they progressed in the classification of their role under their Award and are being underpaid? There are easy ways to check pay rates and conditions using the Fair Work Pay and Calculators Tool.
  • Policies and procedures – maybe you have never had them, or haven’t looked at them in some time. Now is the perfect opportunity to revisit how we work, and the expectations we have in the workplace.

There are some great free resources available, templates for policies and procedures from multiple places that you can access:

Don’t have time? Contact our team for support in reviewing and generating your employment agreements, policies and procedures, or make an appointment.

You may be eligible for government funding for professional services support to make it happen!