Why you need a Pit Crew for your business

It’s pretty common for small business owners to think they ‘need to know it all’. If we’ve learnt one thing over the years, this couldn’t be further from the truth. We know that the most successful leaders and businesses are the ones that don’t know all the answers, but know where to find them.

From finances, to legal matters, payroll to human resource management, it takes a village to make it all work. It’s time we put aside the assumption that you need to be a Lawyer, HR Manager, Accountant and IT Guru, on top of the actual work to be done. And this is where your PIT CREW comes in. 

Whether it’s a well rounded team of employees, or a network of skilled professionals you engage with regularly, your business PIT CREW has never been more important.

At Full Circle HR & Business Services, we specialise in human resources support and leadership, as well as payroll and project management. We have built our Pit Crew over a decade ensuring our business is supported, protected and advocated for in all areas outside of our expertise, and regularly offer our own expertise in return. We regularly engage with legal professionals, accounting mentors, digital marketers and technology developers to guide and advise us on the best steps to grow and protect our business. 

So of course, this has become an important part of what we offer our clients – a referral pathway to businesses we know, trust and use ourselves to position you for greatest success. We recognise that we can best serve our customers through sharing our network and their respective expertise. Let us share our Pit Crew with you.

COVID-19 and your Pit Crew

In the past 3 months, we have been inundated with calls from CEO’s, small business owners, sole traders and curious employers and employees in light of the COVID-19 impact on business.

For many, the unavoidable downturn in business operations, restricted activities or decrease/elimination of work hours has been very traumatic.

With 85% of our activity supporting small business, it is becoming more and more obvious just how critical a time it is for us all.

In these very unique times, businesses are forced to look at their structure, their mode of operation, the services they deliver and the sustainability of what they do – which is not necessarily a bad thing in every situation.

It’s forcing us to not only educate ourselves on entitlements and people management, but also, to consider better alternatives to all of these things.

We are seeing a consistent increase in businesses looking at revising their structure, moving from Sole Trader to Company, moving operations online beyond their bricks and mortar shop front, and considering flexible working arrangements/duties for their staff in ways that we haven’t seen previously.

But with change, inevitably comes fear, and we are sharing with our clients, the best advice we’ve ever heard.

“It’s not about knowing all the answers, it’s about knowing where to find them”.


Pathfinder Law – Thinking of changing your business structure, or getting your legal compliance and documents in check? We use Rob and the team at Pathfinder Law regularly to support our clients through company set up, legal document generation and much more. Being listed on Gippsland Business Connect also means Pathfinder Law may also be utilised through professional service funding support available to eligible businesses through the Latrobe Valley Authority

Justin Robson (CPA) – Justin has been a saving grace these past weeks amidst the Job Keeper uncertainty, and for businesses needing confidence in the calculation and financing of entitlements, BAS activities, eligibility for government support and general accounting supports.

GippsTech – With so many clients looking to move their operations online, improve their digital marketing and adopt innovative business strategy and planning to stay afloat, we have engaged the fantastic team at GippsTech on a number of fronts. Whether it’s discussing a webpage or digital marketing solution and possible funding avenues with Elena, Pavel, Rob and Cindy, or accessing the Work My Own Way program supports and Startup Gippsland opportunities with Steph, we have had multiple opportunities to support clients with developing their businesses through this difficult time. Sarah’s efforts in the Herd Coworking – Online Community has brightened our days working from home too!

The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been a lifeline! With free membership offerings, access to templates and resources, as well as access to their helpline, many of our clients have benefited greatly from the reliability and ease of this invaluable resource.

And lastly but certainly not least, the team at the Latrobe Valley Authority. If you are a small business in Gippsland and not in contact with your local Business Concierge, you are missing out! Based at various councils and the LVA head office, you can access invaluable support, advice and connection to opportunities, funding and resources from the LVA team.

These times are tough enough, but there is confidence in knowing there are amazing businesses stepping up to support others through it all.

Remember, it’s not about knowing it all yourself, but rather, connecting with experts, building your network and knowledge so that none of us need go through this extraordinary and difficult time of change alone.